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Apr. 16th, 2008 04:09 pm :O

LJ still exists!!

I have two days completely off of everything until Saturday!


and then one more exam Monday and then 4 months off!!!

Party again haha.

I don't know what the point of this was, but it was fun?


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Sep. 24th, 2007 03:30 am My thought.

So there's always that cliche thought of what one would change in their life if they could, but you can't...so why think about it...blah blah blah.

But that doesn't stop me from thinking about what it would be, late into the night...

So many stupid little things and it just sucks because they're gone...but then I'm thinking about that saying, "life is not a dress rehearsal" and it's not like I need a silly quote to remind me of that, but it sucks that for real, there's just some things you can't fix.

I wish there was some kind of repentance detector test, that would measure the degree to which you wish you could go back to a moment and change how you acted; how truly sorry you are for something...

It's crazy that although experiences help us to discover who we are, they can easily be classified as mistakes because of people's mere reactions to them.

It's crazy that an occurrence can leave one feeling at the top of the world, but very alone.

Crazy that we humans have access to such power that can influence others lives tremendously, but we choose to waste it in bitterness...

I wish that human beings were even an eighth as humble, loving, and truly forgiving as God...

Wouldn't that be paradise.

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Mar. 19th, 2007 02:12 pm 1 hour till class.

So there is one hour til class and I have nothing to do, as you might have guessed by the title of this note haha. So today is Sam and my 1 year and 6 month anniversary thingy:D I'm soo happy...I love him soo much. I can't believe he's not completly tired of me yet haha. I don't get to see him at all today:( Stupid school.

Time goes by so fast...

So this weekend was pretty fun...babysat Sam's cousins Friday, had a thingy at Sam's on Saturday with Tim and Tiff...went out for a bit with Jason to taco Bell!!! Applied at Harveys and McDonalds at some point on Sunday. It was all pretty good.

Another one of Sam's cats had kittens last night...that makes it like...200? jk but there are a LOT of cats there now lol.

Today Mandi and I were supposed to go to value village but that didn't end up working out, but Tiff decided we could go to Taco Bell and hang out for a bit, and she drove her new car!! It's really pretty I like it a lot. I was glad it wasn't me driving cuz standard takes a while to get used to.

Anyways, I came to school for an hours worth of class today, and then I have a bunch of homework to do and yeah...not gonna be fun.

I also learned that I am not a huge fan of PDA this weekend. Just something about myself that I didn't really know.

Anyways, altogether I'm pretty happy right now. I wonder if my friend Rebecca had her baby yet...I'm excited for her.

I have so many things to pray about tonight, good thing I'll have time to myself:)

Hope everyone has a good night:)

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Feb. 27th, 2007 03:38 pm

Haha LJ...always here. So I guess I'm posting...what to say...I'm soo sore cuz I worked out on Sam's mom's Gazelle for 20 min yesterday and 30 min today. Tony Little is freaky, but really ammusing haha. Life is good latley, school is going well, I love i love the people there and everything. Hmm, what's new...I bought some three dollar shirts yesterday at the Seaway mall and that made me pretty excited. All this past week I've been hanging out with more than two people so that was interesting and fun, but tiring and I much appreciated my Sam time Friday night:) I really wanna get a puppy and we got offered a Golden Retriever pup that is our neighbors new puppy's brother but we can't have dogs here now apparently cuz they're gonna put new grass in our backyard. we don't even need grass there, like noone goes back there anyways. grr. Soo...right now I'm just sorta relaxing by myself, gonna do a facial I think, just felt like updating a blog of some sort...


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Nov. 22nd, 2006 02:16 pm Poster-roo

My alarm didn't wake me up for some reason today for the second day in a row, I don't even know what it is, wether my alarm is broken or me...lol. Good thing I heard the doorbell today cuz I have to work today and it would have been so annoying to have to get a ride to Welland later. Mind you I could have slept in more... Soo...since last entry...my week has been pretty good I suppose.
Last weekend I went to see the new 007, it was soo good. It actually made me cry, I was like what? lol The main actor guy reminded me soo much of David Gill. I will not elaborate anymore on the character lol. That night was pretty weird, I just went with Tim and Jason cuz Sam was camping out for the wii, and yeah it was a weird night. But fun, i was glad that someone actually wanted to hang out with me
Then Monday was pretty good I think lol. I got pasta at school for lunch and it was soo good, then I went to Sam's for supper while Kayla's new kitten was getting a bath, and we had this really goos stew and pasta together...then later when I went to Kayla's we had Taco's haha yay. That night was fun...anhd random, I brought her her kitty, it's a Calico named Marisol. She's so cute...we talked for a bit, she sort of wants to have a birthday party for me/ a Christmas party, and I'm sooo excited. After talking with them on msn, Justine and Jess came over and that was just interesting...It was like they were the only ones that changed/looked more grown up and me and Kayla were still in like, highschool, or something. Oh well, i don't have a problem with that!
Tuesday, I managed to miss two rides to school...one cuz I slept in and one cuz i was in the shower, I felt like a loser, and then I got Kayla to come with me and go shopping. I bought a pretty dress for 10 bucks and it's a bit big...I wish I had a sewing machine, that would be sooo fun. I also got really funky boots, and pink Mascara lol. And other stuff, but it must have been a lot...cuz it came out to over 40 bucks lol. oh yeah! kayla and I got preppy 'friendship" socks. that was fun. At like 5 I came home and arranged for my dad to take Justine and I to Sam's so we could get her a kitten. I want the fluffy one that's there soo bad. I felt bad cuz it had fleas badly and apparently she had to shave it:S
After that i went to Sam's grandmas and he'd made supper for me:) then we played Wii Sports, soo much fun lol. We already were gonna be late for church so we just played right through lol.
Then today I slept in again, but woke up thankfully when Sam rang the doorbell...And now I'm here, at school with no class until 1:30 ugh. Oh well...I hope I can work out a bit today...I dont really have the right stuff with me, but i don't care, I can't get too smelly for work tho lol.
Stupid having like no homework right now, I always have nothing to do when i have time free lol.
I hope someone comments this today, it would make me very happy.


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Nov. 20th, 2006 03:51 pm This Christmas...

1. Post a wishlist of things you want for Christmas this year - from the simple to the extreme.
2. Surf around your friends' lists and grant any wishes you can.

And so, without further adiru...

My Christmas (and Birthday, hee hee) List!

1. Mix Cds...I love trying out new stuff that my friends enjoy.

2. Spa gift certificate...never been to one ever, prolly never will lol.

3. Fun Jewlery<3

4. Any of those kiddy make your own funky things, kits.

5. Decent Digi Camera with optical zoom...again with the I'm dreaming theme.

6. Gift certificate for anywhere.

7. Shelves. Ugh, my room.

8. Money to buy a nice cell phone.

9. Hangouts during the Christmas season with friends making cookies and gingerbread houses.

10. The above again.

11. A kitty (or someone to convince my dad to let me have one)

12. Food money for school.

13. Braces lol

14. Good facial moisturizer.

15. SOCKS. cool ones.

16. Funky underwear haha.

17. Those fake flowers to put in your hair type things.

18. Nintendo DS Lite

19. A T.V.

20. An Mp3 player...not even an expensive one:( stupid paying 60 bucks for one that doesn't work.

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Oct. 19th, 2006 12:52 pm ugh.

Just a random update...I've been feeling so sick latley. It's not been fun. I was writting a test two days ago and seriously felt like I was gonna pass out so I asked to leave and he let me, but I needed to get a doctors note. Well the next day I went to the doctors for my appointment and they were closed and yesterday I felt sick and by the time I looked at the clock it would have been too late to go anyways. I think doctors notes cost money too and I don't have any of that right now.

If I did have money I'd be photocopying info for my and Tara's project but I don't and it frusterates me. So...life has been kinda junky latley (everything except Sam and some friends I still have) I've been feeling totally out of it and not like myself. I didn't get the job I wanted and if I don't get a job soon, I'm just gonna never eat again...oh well...I went without much food for a couple years, I can do it again I suppose.

I did pretty badly on my Psych test:( I thought it would have been easier but it was brutal...I wish that I could remeber things the way I used to be able to.

I also am pretty frusterated with my dad but it doesn't look like I'll be getting out of that situation anytime soon so BAH.

On the bright side...it's 1 year and 1 month for Sam and I today...

I love that boy:)

Hope you all are doing better than I lol.


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Oct. 12th, 2006 09:13 am Sooo...

Hmmm...things have been going really well. I've been frusterated about not having a job for a long time and so I really hope I get a job at Niagara Smoked Meats in the Seaway Mall. I have an interview tomorrow so I'm excited/nervous since it's my first interview ever...plus it's Friday the 13th which is just interesting, and not that it means anything lol. Man, if I get a job the first thing I'm gonna get is a phone, I hate not having one, and then a Digital Camera, and then, Christmas prezzies:) I'm excited, there are 2 months and 12 days until Christmas and my birthday:D I hope I actually get to have some form of a party this year!!! I can't believe I'm gonna be 19...it's so weird.

School is going well...I had my first test yesterday and I got 89% on it:) wayy too happy, cept I didn't really study and hopefully it doesn't go to my head and I just slack off like I did in high school when I had a 96% in history and didn't do like anything and passed with a 74% lol.

I have another test today so after I'm done procrastinating here, I'll study for that. My first class got cancelled...again...so i'm here until 11 so that gives me time to do stuff.

I feel gross today cuz I didn't get up until 7:45am, the time I'm supposed to get picked up at...lol. Luckilly Sam's mom was late too lol.

So youth group is tonight, I hope it's not raining by then, so i can walk and not get wet (obviously) lol. I <3 God, he's been so good to me.

The end.

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Oct. 3rd, 2006 11:42 pm hahahaha

I'm really tired and looking at the Seaway Mall webcam...noone is there...it's creepy lol. Life has been good... check out this site guys www.sloganizer.net soo much ammusment hehe. Hope you all are well, <3 Rachel.

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Sep. 7th, 2006 10:50 am stupid myspace...

Myspace isn't working and I really need to do something so I'm posting...as you might have guessed lol. So I'm in college now...and it is sooo boring. But fun at the same time, I've just never had so much free time in my life...I've had a total of 2 hours of class since school started, I would have had two more classes today but the teacher's daughter is having a baby and so she's not here, but I am, until 5 probably...UGHHHH

Not to mention classes are soo boring and easy right now since it's gonna be like this probablt until next Tuesday...

I feel like I haven't got many friends or anything, I wanna be all like "hey!! I'm Rachel" to everyone, but at the same time I like being reserved so it's weird/sucks about that.

I finally have everything worked out with OSAP now, so that's relieving...not having a job is quite the opposite...

I guess i should go and write a poem or play a game or something...

<3 You all...I really do, even if I suck at showing it...

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